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Torrent Bit now offers direct http download per order

Monday, March 15th, 2010

We are glad to announce that we finally launched HTTP download feature.
It is still in beta mode but it`s really worth seeing and using it now.
Let me explain a little bit how it works. You find the bittorrent you want to download. Then you need to register on the our site and then place an order. Upon your order placement you will see the progress and the time the torrent is downloaded for you. After it you will find direct http links in the member area which you can use to download the content directly. These are the key benefits of direct http download vs. bittorrent seeding/leeching.
First of all you save your time. Once you placed an order you can easily go to sleep and shut down your PC not to disturb you – Torrent Bit will do everything itself ;)
The second, you keep your bandwidth – when you download from http sources you don`t have to seed anything. Again, WE do seeding for you when downloading the torrent.
And of course – security! You can`t be traced and prosecuted.
All the order and registration progress if fully anonymous and is held via SSL on TorrentBit.
Now, why it is necessary to use this feature on Torrent Bit? Because we offer it absolutely for free! Free of charge at all! Hurry up to queue your torrent file to our super bittorrent machine!
If you decided to order some file for http direct download just click on “Order HTTP Download” button on any torrent page and follow some easy steps. (more…)